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    by njneiljones100 ·

    i recently downloaded software download accelerator plus and speed optimiser but i can’t tell no differance in the speed. I was using it with explorer 7 but it kept crashing (unknown reasons)so i switched to firefox. using firefox i can’t get d.a.p. to work at all, this other programme has taken over my downloads and i dont know how to get shut. Its called winrar and i got it by downloading roboform( excellent,the best)i needed this winrar to get the roboform unpacked or unzipped ,whatever you call it. I’m no proffessor and i’m not sure what to delete and what not to. I’ve had two total crashes this week and lost everything. i g’ve re-downloaded what i can but its slow to at first .i can tell a mile off both at starting and especially shutting down, it takes ages now. Please help i’m fed up with it.

    Thanks N Jones

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