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Drag and Drop no longer works

By andrew74eva ·
I have been trying to move/copy files by right click and dragging and dropping (using "Explore" on the start menu in Win2k). This used to work fine, but for some reason whenever I try it now, this function is just not working, so I can't move or copy any of my files...I have tried with many different file types but I cannot do it.
Does anyone know what the problem might be?

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by lumberjack In reply to Drag and Drop no longer w ...

are you moving them around within your hard drive or network - what about via "My computer"

How much disk space is available and what type of file system are you using - NTFS or FAT32?

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by andrew74eva In reply to

The drive is NTFS, it has only 4Gb used and 16Gb of free space, I am trying to move the files around on the same drive...I can copy files to another folder using the edit menu in My Computer, but I cannot do the drag and drop to move files in Win2k Explorer...the option to "move or copy" does not come up when I try and right click and drag.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to Drag and Drop no longer w ...

Have you applied the RPC vulnerability patch that this Blaster worm is exploiting? The reason I ask is that if the virus had tried to hit your machine and was not able to fully exploit it, it will corrupt the RPC service and cause it to fail.
The RPC service does regulate the drag-n-drop functionality.

Go here and read about the worm:
(please remove any spaces)

Get the tool and see if the virus is on your system. IF the tool does not detect the virus, get the Microsoft patch anyway. The virus can fail in its infection routine, and if it does it mangles RPC.

hope this helps

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by andrew74eva In reply to

Interesting...I ran the blaster tool as you suggested and the verdict was that my PC had not been infected. So I applied the patch too, just in case.
The funny thing is that since I have done this all the trouble I had has disappeared...
As well as the drag and drop issues, I was having trouble opening HTML links...this has all been resolved-I still don't really understand what the actual problem was though.

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by andrew74eva In reply to Drag and Drop no longer w ...

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