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Dragon Age 2. Because I know I'm not the only one hooked.

By BurnedSalamander ·
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I admit it. Ive been addicted to Dragon Age since Origins and its grip on me probably isnt loosening any time soon. The most resent PC release of Dragon Age 2 called me away from my World of Warcraft addiction for a little more than a month. Thats saying something.
What pulled me, a hardened WoW addict, away? Well, Im an RPG gamer from way back and a good storyline and awesome characters just stroke that special place in my gamer soul. It started in Origins with developed characters like Alister and Morrigan and continued on in 2 with Varric and Aveline and others. (Im a sucker for well played characters.) Also, it was tied together pretty well through the cross over of Origins characters such as Sandal and Bodahn. Ill say no more on that to keep from spoiling it for everybody else.
The differences between Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 are pretty numerous stretching from everything to graphics quality to talents and spell systems.
With the characters, instead of talent sections where you can select from in Origins, the system has been moved to something that looks reminiscent of some of the old Final Fantasy talent trees. Like before, you had points you could spend to access certain classes and to get certain talents, but this time its more limited. I didnt find this as a problem. Its made up for by giving you more options than were available in Origins. For example, when I played a mage, you could now get other types of spells like those for force mage and blood mage. These were no available in Origins. An interesting development that I think worked out.
One of the biggest deviations from the Origins was that 2 only let you be a human. It was one of the most complained about changes I found in the reviews I read before I bought the game. I didnt find this as a problem either. Most likely because I see an immediate benefit to the game for this: it allows for better development of the main character. Unlike in Origins, where the needs and desires of the main character took a back seat to ending the blight, 2s main character Hawkes storyline is the driving force of the game. Hawkes life in Kirkwall is the game. It makes it more personal and character centric and less like D&Dish.
Another key change was how relationships are formed in 2 versus Origins. In Origins, you could pretty much bribe your way into favor with whoever you wanted to once you found the right gifts. But, in 2, your standing with your comrades depend more on your actions and responses to quests. They actually make you work at it! What makes it even harder to gain beloved status with everyone because a choice who sets well with one might tick someone else off.
With the reviewed success of 2, I dont think it should be a surprise the franchise is expanding with the upcoming Dragon Age: Redemption web series due out this Summer or the release of Dragon Age: Volume 1 this last March. While weve seen very little of Redemption beyond the preview and a few internet posted shots, everything Ive heard from my fellow gamers is nothing but excitement because of Felicia Days involvement. So well have to wait and see on that.
As for the Dragon Age: Volume 1, I felt that this graphic novel fell flat on its butt. It didnt have the development that Origins or 2 had. Instead of being connected to Hawke or the Tale of the Warden, its purely a tale about Mages and Templars. And, lets face it, after being beaten over the head with the Templar/Mage Conflict in Dragon Age 2, it being the center of the graphic novel was a wee annoying. It lacked the bigger picture connections that ran through Dragon Age: 2 that constantly tie everything together. It seemed to wrap itself up at the end without any further lead in to another one. Will I read the next one? Most likely because now its a sickness.
So far, I havent seen anything on an expansion to Dragon Age 2, although I do hope that it is a intensive as its parent game. They do a good job and Im totally willing to wait for it. Besides, itll make me spend some time with WoW again.

All I have to say to you all who are not hooked on this is:

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Dragon Age Legends-Beta: Facebook gets in on the action.

by BurnedSalamander In reply to Dragon Age 2. Because I k ...

Well Dragon Age, like Pawn Stars and so many other Franchises, has constructed something on Facebook beyond an update Wall. Enter Dragon Age Legends- Beta, its own game. And you can connect it to your Dragon Age 2 account.

When you start the game, it starts out very similar to the other Dragon Ages. You make a toon and you have three classes to choose from: warrior, rogue, or mage. I chose a rogue and outfitted him as a bowman. You also start out with six additional characters that serve as your guild. Just like the other Dragon Ages, you can combo these into your battle party.

The battling is pretty much what youd expect from a Facebook version of Dragon Age. The fights look like very, very old game encounters where the system lines you up and you all take turns whacking each other. But what do you want from a Facebook freebee?

Apparently as you play Legends, items will be unlocked in Dragon Age 2. But, I found it also has benefits that goes the other way as well. Because I hooked it to my Dragon Age 2 account, I was given Hawke as an additional party member. He is quite the heavy hitter. Right now, I???m in between bouts of Dragon Age 2 so I haven???t found any of the items I???ve supposedly unlocked from playing Legends. It will be interesting to see if these unlocked items make Hawke even more killer the next go around.

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