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DRAM Configurations

By toronto_sl ·
Hi there Everyone. My girlfriend has a P51430VX/250DM EXPLORER II mother board.

It has four white 72pin slots, and one black DRAM? slot. I assume it is DRAM. The long 168pin.

Either way, I purchased a PC100MHZ Dram 64MB for her, and when we take out all the 72 Pin Ram, and install the 64MB PC100MHZ ram, it only registers when I boot up, 16MB of Ram.

Why is this. Do I have to tweek the CMOS?

Do I have to change some Jumper Pins.

Why is it there are no instructions when you purchase a Ram Chip?

I have also heard that you can not use DRAM with Sram (72pin) etc. That is can cause problems. Is this true?

Lets talk about the different RAM Configurations that are possible, and why this is so.

Is it the speed difference etc... such as when you put a cdrom on slave to the primary drive your drive will only work as fast as the slowest device etc...


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I know it's been awhile but...

by USBPort1 In reply to DRAM Configurations

...better late than never. I just saw your message after I had recently experienced the exact same thing. I have the same memory setup as you so I checked my motherboard book and found that it said I could install up to a 128MB DIMM. I bought a 64MBDIMM and installed it but only got the 16MB like you did. I tweaked all I could in CMOS but still no dice. I e-mailed the motherboard manufacturer about my problem and they replied back saying that after testing the motherboard, it could only use upto a 32MB DIMM, contrary to the motherboard manual. The motherboard also won't allow mixing SIMMs and DIMMs so it really wasn't worth messing with since my SIMMs are already up to 32MB.

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