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Drawing the line with clients

By hfctpl ·
Do consultants support client apps? Or to you draw the line at the apps? Is so, how do you tell the client you won't support their "ancient" apps??

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I look at it like this

by LordInfidel In reply to Drawing the line with cli ...

If they are going to pay me for it, then I will do it.

Who cares if the app is a 100 years old and crashes all of the time.

As long as they are paying you to fix it, look at it as extra added income.

I have several clients that use off the wall programs. It's my job as their consultant to make sure it works. I make them understand that I did not create the program, so if it breaks, don't blame me. I will just try my darndest to get it working for them.

I can gurantee you that if you do not support their apps they will find someone else who will.

Even if you have never seen the app before, make a good faith effort to learn it so you can support it.

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by hfctpl In reply to Drawing the line with cli ...

Do you support it included in your project? Or do you charge hourly for it.

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If the $$$ are there...

by road-dog In reply to Drawing the line with cli ...

accompanied by a basic understanding of what the application does and how it does it, I would proceed.

If the application is dated and no longer supported by the vendor, the client must be made aware that the terms of the agreement are a "best effort" basis. If the client does not want to concede this, then run far run fast.

If you can agree that you are not an expert on that particular app but you can provide some support, then an hourly rate would be reasonable.

If you become very familiar with the app, and how it is used by the client, then you might leverage additional business on selecting and implementing its replacement.

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