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By adriaanvw ·
Hi all,

We're in the middle of replacing the network infrastructure for a small business centre. The client needs a broadband router that can manage at least 38 VLANs and three WAN connections, and therefore opted for a Draytek Vigor 3900 router (quad WAN and supports up to 50 VLANs).

We did a proof of concept test with the 3900 using 7 VLANs, which all worked fine. However, when setting up the full 38 VLAN solution the router started having issues. When I reached about 20 VLANs, the management interface locked up and the router became unresponsive.

After a reboot (which took 7 minutes), the router was up and stable so I started adding some more VLANs. After adding 5 or 6 more the management interface locked up again. Rebooted again, waited 7 minutes, started adding some more VLANs. After adding 5 more, the same thing happened.

I contacted Draytek support, sent them a copy of the router config file and logs, and they are now investigating. However, it seems to me that this device might possible not be up to the task. Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative device that would meet our client's requirements?

Much appreciated,

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