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Dreaded windows xp and hd audio *Without a format*

By shintorojin ·
*Warning* heavy sarcasm may be used *Warning*

So like so far i've found three very different fixes for hd audio problems in xp ranging from service fixes to registry edits(will be lasted below).

So now, with all this time spent researching methods to fix the problem one wouldn't expect any real difficulties, right? Well I guess I must give off an aura of suffering or something, cause lo and behold i've found another road block.

Problem Machine:
Acer Extensa 5220 Notebook
Intel Celeron Processor 530 1.73ghz
Mobile IGMA x3100
Windows XP Professional Sp2

So here'e the setup, Started with a full format re-install, completed re-installation of windows xp pro with drivers from manufacturer. Upon reboot uaa driver initialises properly and detects the high definition audio on hdaudio bus as well as the accompanied modem.
Now the first time it ran the modem installed properly. However, the high def audio device didn't.

Okay so far not to bad. So I try to run the update driver wizard to manually select the driver, but whats this... The update driver wizard won't start for the high def audio device, but still runs fine on all the other devices. Sigh 'windos'.

Okay, so i tried the registry trick(see below), managed to get the update driver wizard to trigger for the high def audio device. So I try auto search first, it finds nothing.
Then I try manual search, manual folder selection generated no joy. So onto the final normal step, "I will choose the driver to install", However the wizard won't load it.

Now I know what everyone's thinking, it's a hardware problem right? Unfortunately not, it was working perfectly before the format and using a test live cd it also works.
So here is my dilemma, to have to redo the format re-install is going to be infinitely more tedious than all the work i've put into this so far, so bare with me a little. What i'm curious to know is whether or not it's possible to completely remove all drivers and references to them from windows. I've been through the registry already removing all references to the villainess devices and drivers, as well as having disabled system restore and manually going through the driver folder, however for some reason it keeps reloading the devices and drivers everytime i restart to attempt method 2(see below).

Thus is my dilemma, I started this as a discussion cause I figured hd audio in windows xp has been a topic of much contention in the recent past, so maybe people could tell us about other methods they have found and used to fix this problem.

Also I've been trying to figure out how to write a command line script to force install the specific driver onto the specific device, if someone could give me an example or link to documentation on doing this, preferably without 3rd party software, but beggers can't be choosers ~ I'd be very grateful...


*Currently known straight-forward possible repair methods for Hd audio problems in Windows Xp*

Method 1:

Start > Run > Services.msc > windows audio > automatic/started .

Method 2:
Uninstall audio device or disable if unable to uninstall.

uninstall Microsoft uaa from system devices under device manager and/or
uninstall from add/remove programs under control panel.

Re-install Microsoft Uaa update fix
Re-install Audio drivers
Check sound and audio options in Control Panel to make sure sound device is set as default.

Method 3:

Delete all instances of "swenum" from the registry with regedit.

Then reboot.

Re-install the plug and play enumerator.
Re-install the audio driver.


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