Dreamweaver MX and Vista

By elgar ·
I am using Vista RC2 and i have Studio MX installed, I just found that I cannot insert a table in this view has anyone else found this and is there a solution

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Dreamweaver MX and Vista

by mrhall In reply to Dreamweaver MX and Vista

I'm having the same problem. Have you heard of a solution yet?

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No luck more problems

by elgar In reply to Dreamweaver MX and Vista

No nothing else yet. I have also found that a number of functions cause DreaWeaver to shut down unexpectely e.g. clicking help, or site

If I'm not the only one with thei problem maybe someon has an idea?

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check with Adobe for a patch?

by CG IT In reply to No luck more problems

there might be a patch? I'd say check with Adobe first and see if they made a fix.

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Me too

by jubu In reply to No luck more problems

I am having exactly the same problems. Did you find a solution yet?

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Updater for MX

by jheinlein In reply to Dreamweaver MX and Vista

I had the same issue. There is an updater at Adobe that solved it for me:

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table insert does not work for me either

by mooburg In reply to Dreamweaver MX and Vista

I have been searching for a reply to this problem. I have been combing thru the back end files comparing the set up on my computer where the dreamweaver mx features all work (windows xp professional) and how it is in windows Vista, and the file structure is different. I have had to change by hand references to certain files in my extensions, but cannot find the solution to all the problems I have encountered. The insert table function I got to work by uninstalling and reinstalling after a huge effort to find all files that were added to my system when installing dreamweaver mx. I got the table insert to work for a few sessions, then I got an error message about a sharing violation and that was the end of table insert. I am also hoping to get an answer to this dilemma.

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Dreamweaver MX updater didn't do it for me

by mooburg In reply to table insert does not wor ...

I had already gotten the dreamweaver mx updater, updates to version 6.1. On windows xp professional that helped with issues a couple of years ago. I am tempted to download and install the updates for dreamweaver mx 2004 even though I am not using that version. Anyone find anything valuable out about this?

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Dreamweaver MX at Vista

by julionqn In reply to table insert does not wor ...

Try updating your windows Java runtime installation (dreamweaver uses java classes, wen running) so may be an option.
Also try to see in programs folder properites /macromedia/Dreamweaver/ maybe Vista need to acces them as System folders.
I have teh same problems so Ill try to do those.

NVU is an excellent option to work while you repair dreamweaver:

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Re: Dreamweaver MX and Vista

by bflo_chick In reply to Dreamweaver MX and Vista

I have Dreamweaver MX 2004 installed on my Vista machine (no update to 7.0.1) and set the program to run in compatibility mode with Windows XP and I have no issues aside from having to authorize the program to open each time I open it. I'm working on that one!

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by DistanDarkice In reply to Dreamweaver MX and Vista

I know this is old and out of date but for those that may still be using Dreamweaver and Vista: First install the 6.1 updater then go to the Dreamweaver program and run at XP compatible and run as administrator. Next right click on the folder and unclick the read only and set privilages to all for the owner. Should work then.

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