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Dreamweaver: Pop-Up Menu & Library

By DSlife ·
I am trying to create a navigation bar that has a pop-up menu for some of it's links. I can get that to work fine, but when I try to make the whole navigation bar a library item, the links that are created to be the pop-up menu don't work in the library but those button that don't have the menu do.

Does anyone know how to get this navigation bar to work as a library item in Dreamweaver?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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stop using dreamweaver

by michael In reply to Dreamweaver: Pop-Up Menu ...

if you just learn to code, you could make yourself an open source code library that would program that for you each time. thats what i did. then you don't even have to rely on whatever the **** a dreamweaver library item is

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Use an Include

by owensm In reply to Dreamweaver: Pop-Up Menu ...

I use Dreamweaver extensively and have never seen a need to use the library at all. I use it in Flash but not in Dreamweaver.

If your reasoning behind wanting to create a library item out of a dropdown menu is to simplify editing across a site...just use an include file instead. Create your dropdown menu, save all the parameters and references to your external files into a single file...such as dropdownMenu.inc. Then in your file where you want the menu, you would refrnce it by using:

<!--#include virtual="yourFilePath/dropdownMenu.inc" -->

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