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    Dreamweaver Q and A


    by darcy clark ·

    I have a small IT shop that is thinking of Using Dreamweaver as a web development tool. Is there anybody out there that can give me some usefull Advantages and drawbacks of using this tool.

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      Dreamweaver Q and A

      by oliver w. ·

      In reply to Dreamweaver Q and A

      the main advantage is, that is writes plain html. (not like frontpage, which inserts notes,…)
      the second advantage are the templates.
      you can design a template and define editable places there. When you assign this template to a webpage, the template is applied and you can insert text to those editable places, the rest is done in the template – very good for corporate designs,…

      I find the dreamweaver better than frontpage, although they functions are pretty much the same. – I do use it.

      But evaluate it. Get the 30day free eval copy and find out yourself. You can easily switch back to another tool.

      hope that helps,

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      Dreamweaver Q and A

      by shanghai sam ·

      In reply to Dreamweaver Q and A

      I would agree with the previous comment. You should try the evaluation version.

      I develop web sites in the UK for small businesses, and I use Dreamweaver.

      The main difference you should be aware of is that Dreamweaver is designed for web developers who want to speed up the development of their technical web designs. HTML knowledge is a definate advantage although it is not essential. On the other hand, MS Frontpage and other similar packages are designed for people who have no knowledge,and often have no interest, in HTML. This makes things simple to use but is limited in its abilities.

      In short, if you are interested in mastering web development then go for Dreamweaver, but if you just simply want to make a presentable web sitefor your shop then you’d be quicker with MS Frontpage.

      A couple of my designs that you’d probably struggle to make with MS Frontpage include the following (make sure you view with IE5 and latest Macromedia Flash Plug-In): (Flash content is simpler to insert with Dreamweaver) (Navigation bar might prove difficult, also contains Flash) (Flash content)

      Some simpler designs that you should be able to manage easily with Frontpage:

      Have fun! 🙂

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      Dreamweaver Q and A

      by darcy clark ·

      In reply to Dreamweaver Q and A

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