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By cathy ·
I have had some problems using Dreamweaver Templates. When
I have made a change to the template, on some occasions, I am
not then asked if I would like Dreamweaver to update all the
pages linked to the template. So I am not able to link the pages
to the new version of the template.??
Has anyone else had problems with Dreamweaver templates and
does anyone know how this problem could be overcome?

Cathy Back - Opacity Design http://www.opacity.com.au

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Template bug?

by gnagy In reply to Dreamweaver Templates

I've been using Dreamweaver MX (not the 2004 MX) and have run into a couple of problems with templates.

The one you describe seems to happen if you save your work but are not ready to commit the changes (say you're just taking a break.)

If the prompt comes up to commit the changes to affected pages is answered NO, it will (sometimes) then not commit changes at all even if you save again later.

However, generally, you can make another change (like hit the space bar or something) and try saving again. If that doesn't work, save the template, close dreamweaver, reopen the template and make a small change as above. Now when you save the template you should be prompted to update the template's affected pages.

I hope that helps.

G.F. Nagy

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template updates on demand

by malsing In reply to Template bug?

You can also quickly update any pages associated with your Dreamweaver template by opening your template, going to Modify/Template/Update Pages... This should work for both MX and MX 2004.

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