Drive access right

By Jamshiyas ·
Hi to all..plzzz help me..
one of our imp user having local admin right on his PC removed access to his drives for domain admin and all other users.IT mngr keeps on telling me to take backup frm his PC without knowing him.I can not directly work on that PC coz he wl not giv it to anyone.I tried to access his data even from DC with admin login, it says 'Network path not found'.it fails to manage that computer also from AD.but it ping to both IP address and computer name. i tried VB script to copy data and also configured login script for that user using same VB script. If login script is configured, when that user login from his PC, script will run as he runs it from his PC, right?Destination folder is shared with permission to him, still itz not copying his data. Please find 4 me a way to take complete backup of his data. V dont hav any other backup software. Still that Laptop is connected to network & am the administrator

Thank you in advance........

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If this is a company NB

by OH Smeg In reply to Drive access right

Go to HR or the Ultimate Boss and make a formal complaint that this unit has been interfered with. Then get the personal Manager to walk up to this person read them the Riot Act and take the NB away for the IT Department to repair. They can also impose whatever the company policy is for altering a Company Computer at that time. This is generally Immediate Termination without exception.

Then the Personal Manager can hand you the NB and you can do as you like to restore the NB to the way that the company requires it to be.

Of course if this is a Personal NB that isn't actually owned by the company you are stuffed as it is quite within the owners rights to refuse you access to this computer but then again it shouldn't be allowed to be connected to the Domain and it shouldn't be being used for Company Business. If it has had access to the Files on the Server you can most likely involve the Authorities to get the drive wiped so that no company Data leaves the building.


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Drive Access Right

by Jamshiyas In reply to If this is a company NB

Thank you very much for your advice,
Ofcourse it is company laptop, still that usr is permitted to take laptop to home.And with MD's approaval, he refused IT Dept from taking his data backup. Now the management itself want me to take backup without he knows abt it. i want to make evrything smooth and perfect, so datz wat am trying 2 get

thnk you...

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OH by subterfuge.

by OH Smeg In reply to Drive Access Right

No problem all you need to do is get one member of the management team to take this person out for a Liquid Lunch and while they are out of the office walk into his office, cubical whatever with a External HDD and perform the backup with only moving as little as possible. When they return drunk as a skunk he will not realize that things have been moved or think that he is so drunk that he did it himself.

Well that's what I would organize at least you may have other problems where you are with that so you will need something different. It really depends on the person involved here you need to cater to their weakness be that women, booze or whatever I don't know the person or circumstances so I can't say for sure. But just because he is allowed to take it home doesn't mean that he can do as he pleases with it. If he makes changes it can adversely impact on the Companies Security Policy so he may infect the system bring it in, connect it to the domain and then infect the domain. That is a good case a bad case involves infecting the NB and then connecting to the work system and the NB makes a copy of all critical data and when he goes home that data gets sent over the Internet connection to some other place without his knowledge or worse still with his knowledge. The last is the worst thing that can happen as it means that he is working against the wellbeing of the company.

If it isn't deliberate it's stupidity both cost a lot of money to fix up regardless. I suppose you could go in and attack the unit while he's out somewhere and delete something important to the OS so when he restarts it it doesn't boot. He will then run into IT and demand that it gets fixed Immediately and while you are at it you can Clone the Drive before starting to replace the missing file. A dead NB Battery is another good thing to try but you first have to make sure that there are no spares lying around that he could use so that the NB doesn't come into the IT Department.

Really though if Management want a backup they should just tell him to deliver the NB to be Backed up and updated as required by the Company Security Policy.

You could always ask for it under the pretense of adding something new and while you have it Clone/Ghost/Image the drive with whatever you are using to make a Backup. It's not really your call though if Management will not do as they tell others to do it's hardly your place to steal things to follow Company Policy.

If you where to get caught doing this would Management Support you against his complaints? I'm sure he would be demanding your Immediate Dismissal so is it worht the risk even if you where to have Written Direction to do this. Basically who is more important to the company him or you? Who will cost the company less to get rid of?

I personally would just walk in, in front of him pickup the NB and walk out saying something over my shoulder on the way out about a New AV product or Application whatever is handy and needed.

I hope that is of some assistance but I don't think it will be.


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drive access right

by Jamshiyas In reply to OH by subterfuge. :D


Thank you very much for your response and time. Untill this time i was thinking only about a technical solution for the issue, becoz i believe technology is the first weapon for an IT proffessional.Ofcourse still am trying to find a way btb your opinions gave me enough confidence and knowledge about the moral side. Thank you once

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Your Welcome. <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to drive access right
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On the technology side

by IC-IT In reply to drive access right

You could implement a logon script that adds the domain Admins back and that removes his local admin priviledge.
I would top that off with a deny local logon and delete cached profiles.
That way he has to complain about not being able to logon (except domain) and you would need to "troubleshoot" the issue. (In your office of course). ;-)

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