Drive E: disappeared in XP

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I have a desktop with a working DVD drive, but doesn't recognize it. The drive letter has disappeared in Windows Explorer, and CD's won't play. Device Manager says: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration informaiton(in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)
Does anyone know a quick fix? I have no registry backup, and really don't want to reinstall XP. System restore was turned on (unfortunately) but it didn't tco. Also tried installing/updating driver; still XP did not recognize the drive. Also reseated cable connections (actually swapped in a known, working drive); XP still does not see the drive...not in disk manager, not in Windows Explorer, nada.

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Update Driver

by cdoucet In reply to Drive E: disappeared in X ...

Try going to the DVD drive manufacturer's website and downloading an updated driver.

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updated driver

by In reply to Update Driver

Tried this too; no help.

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Try these

by IC-IT In reply to updated driver

First; simply uninstall the DVD in Device Manager and reboot.

Should that fail check your upper and lower filters (or easier try the file from the below site).

Go here;

and scroll down to this link;

Restore missing CD drive

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did uninstall/reinstall

by In reply to Try these

and the drive still was not recognized. I'll try the Go here; directions.

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Check IDE or SATA cabel

by dhanushkapg In reply to Drive E: disappeared in X ...

This would be the problem of SATA or IDE cable.
Check that with working cable. check Motherboard port.

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Use Windows Guided Help in the below link

by dh9777usa1 In reply to Drive E: disappeared in X ...

If you google the configuration error code 19 it takes you to this page which covers several types of corrupted registry error codes and the Guided Help program you can download to automatically find and delete these entries so you can reinstall the device.

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Tried this help.

by In reply to Use Windows Guided Help i ...

The UpperFilters entry is not present in the affected computers of which, I now have 3.

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This may help but I'm not certain it will be of any use

by OH Smeg In reply to Drive E: disappeared in X ...
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Does anything show up in "My Computer" with "E"?

by Kenone In reply to Drive E: disappeared in X ...

If so, then go to computer management/drive manager and remove it. At least take the drive letter away.
In device manager Click "View" and click "hidden devices" anything with a red "X" or yellow "!" delete. Reboot. Go back to device manager is everything normal? Is the drive back? Now can you re-install it?

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This might be easier

by Kenone In reply to Drive E: disappeared in X ...

Paste this at a cmd prompt
cd %systemroot%\system32
start compmgmt.msc
then click on "Show Hidden Devices" in device manager

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