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Drive Failure - Suggestions

By jama ·
I am slowly getting through the 200 ways to revive document but mine problem is a little different.

My drive doesn't detect with the BIOS, auto or manual. I have tried it in a couple of machines and with different jumper settings (master, slave).

It was working perfectly. I shut down and swapped the mobo and when I restarted the drive was dead. The main drive was fine.

I have managed to get a second drive exactly the same and swapped boards. Then neither worked. It sounds like it spins up and the LED on the logic board flashes.

All I need is to get the data off.

Any suggestions from here without sending it away and spending a fortune. After all if I could afford that I could have afforded a drive for backup.

Regards, James

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by jm In reply to Drive Failure - Suggestio ...

I'm sure you have checked, but just in case...

Is the data cable oriented correctly? - red stripe next to power cable?

Will CMOS setup identify the HD if you do an autodetect? If so, was it reformatted some time using the wrong HD parameters?? And now after installing new mobo, it(mobo cmos) wants to use the correct parameters instead of the params it was formatted with ??

Maybe try changing LBA from on to off or vice versa??

If second drive doesn't work either it sounds like a cable or cmos setup problem.

Hope this helps


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Thank you

by jama In reply to Ouch!

Yes cable orientation is correct.

Autodetect does not detect. The formatting parameters are correct. I have actually changed motherboards half a dozen times. This is the first time it has stopped.

LBA is no go. If I install a second drive it (second drive)works fine.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Incidently the failed drive, that I have my data on is: Quantum Fireball TM 3.5 Series Rev. A01 2112 CYL; 16 HD; 63 SECTORS (1.2GB)

Regards, James

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Try another PC

by jm In reply to Drive Failure - Suggestio ...

Have you tried putting the dead drive in another PC ? Or maybe put the old MLB back in and see what happens.

Good Luck!


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Unfortunatly, yes.

by jama In reply to Try another PC

Thank you again

Regards, James

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