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Drive format could not complete

By dvb77 ·
Installing XP for the 607 time, however I get error message staing drive is damaged and can not be formatted. Just want to know if that is a valid error message or a generic erroe message?

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by wcp In reply to Drive format could not co ...

Try a known good HD and go from there.
If you do not have such, take your system to a service place. You already spent enough time.

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by wcp In reply to

It appears either your HD is bad or your HD?s MBR got corrupted.

Download the HD utility program (PowerMax if Maxtor HD, for example) from the HD manufacturer. Do lowlevel format. Then try installing Windows. If you get the same message, dump the HD and get a new one.

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by mjd420nova In reply to Drive format could not co ...

I experienced the same thing, and it was a failure in the DMA chip on the MOBO. The system would not format past 250MB at first, and it gradually grew smaller and smaller until it failed completely.. A new drive did not cure it so I moved the drive to another machine formatted there, and when I returned it to the original system, all looked fine, but would freeze loading WINXPSP2. Try the drive in another unit to confirm the drive is not at fault.

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by TheChas In reply to Drive format could not co ...

You can also try testing the drive.

Most drive manufactures have utilities available on their web sites that perform pretty thorough testing on the drive.


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by dvb77 In reply to Drive format could not co ...

I have connected the drive to my laptop and my pc. I still recieve the message format can not complete.

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by wizardzip1 In reply to Drive format could not co ...

You probably think this solution is too much trouble for what it is worth (free)...but here goes: Get a Win 98 bootable CD. (Full Version does it.)Boot into it, and choose to format in Win 98 to the drive (C:), or use FDISK to force a format of partitions. Partions are expectedly 2-8 Gigs, and make as many as you need. Sorry, if it's a large drive. <g> Run the drive under Win XP, and collapse the partitions into a single. Lots of work, I know; just a suggestion, if having trouble making a large partition in Win XP, which is concerning.

There are programs that manage partitions, in order to collapse them or format, have a look around. EX: Partition Magic. Either that or have the drive tested by a shop 1st. Maybe they can format it for a few bucks. (The easiest solution.)

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