Drive Imaging Solution Needed

By gmalleus ·
Hello, I am looking for a drive imaging solution to meet the following requirements.

I work for a company of around 120 users with more being added every month. New computer setup here takes forever with the various software packages that need installed and configurations that need setup. My goal is to have 3 standard images and when a new computer comes in, just install the proper image to it. I would need an image for our service dept, sales dept, and one for general office use. Some of these computers take hours to setup by hand. I am hoping this would cut down on the time to get new computers up and running in the proper configuration. New computers coming in would not always e the same hardware as existing ones, so the ability to put images on non-identical hardware is needed.

What is the best way to go about implementing something like this?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Drive Imaging Solution Ne ...

Depends on how you want to go about it, you can use something called Nortons Ghost. I used to use the below which is very good check it out.


hope it helps.

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by L-Mo In reply to Image

I have used Ghost in the past and it has limitations. You have to use a drive at least as large as the one the made from, since it's sector based. You also won't be able to just dump it on any hardware.

You may want to look at making a .wim and using some of the Windows installation kits. Lookup WAIK, and you'll find out more info. Let us know what you think.

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by gmalleus In reply to limitations

I have been looking at both Acronis and Symantec solutions. More specifically the Acronis Backup & Recover 10 vs Symantec's Ghost Solution Suite 2.5.

I am looking for something where I can image the OS and applications. And from my research, size is not an issue in the more recent years when it comes to imaging. Most images will be a few gigabytes while most hard disks that come with computers these days are several hundred gigabytes.

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by dldorrance In reply to Imaging

Acronis works to clone an empty hard drive with an OS and data. Also, Acronis allows you to migrate from a larger to a smaller hard drive, though it will complain using the "safe mode".

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Is There a Solution Like This

by gmalleus In reply to Drive Imaging Solution Ne ...

Is there a solution that does not require a central server like Ghost? It would probably be easiest in our environment to grab an image from a machine and store it on an external hard disk. When a new machine arrives or one comes in for repair, just plug in the external hard disk and select the proper image.

Is there anything like this?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Is There a Solution Like ...

You can use the one I told you about not norton the other, you can store on hard drive and lmage from hard drive no need to use server hope it helps.

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