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Drive letter assignment

By Maggot ·
I just bought a new XP system. I added a CD-RW drive to it (Memorex). The CD-RW is jumpered to master and the CD-ROM is jumpered to slave, both drives are connected to the secondary IDE ribbon.

The CD-ROM was moved from the '0' connection to the '1' connection and the CD-RW is in the '0' spot (end of ribbon).

When the system was booted up the CD-ROM still had it's original drive leter assignment 'D' yet is in the '1' connector. Not what I expected!!

I have performed this on 98 SE systems and the '0' connection has always been assigned the 'D' assignment (on single partian drives), and the '1' connection the next drive letter assignment.

Is this a XP OS function or is it a bios related issue. It is not effecting drive function at all, and I can live with it. I was just curious.

What libary materials should I buy to better understand the XP operating system. I have the XP Home version and the 'Help' files seem well 'dumbed down'. I would like to have more detailed information about XP system.

Thanks in advance.

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by lumberjack In reply to Drive letter assignment

not sure regarding why drive assignment is what it is - perhaps XP can remember previous settings?

Anyhows re reading material - I would advise getting "Windows XP for Dummies."
I am not saying that is what you are, just that these books are a good light hearted but very informative introduction to thier subject matter. I myself have a number - and as technical books - the only ones I have read cover to cover!

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by Maggot In reply to

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by 1stladytech In reply to Drive letter assignment

By default, Win98 assigned drive letters according to hardware setup. XP assigns them according to order connected. If you add a second hdd, it will go in behind the cd. To change the drive letter assigned (except for the boot drive), right click on My Computer, choose Manage, Disk Management, right click on drive letter in bottom panel that you want to change, and choose change drive letter. Then you can set it to whichever drive letter that you prefer. If the letter is already taken, change that drive first - to a high letter and then change it back to whatever you want after you move the first one. IE d drive to q, e drive to d, q drive to e.

Hope this helps,


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by Maggot In reply to

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by TheChas In reply to Drive letter assignment

As ladytech stated, this is a difference between how XP assigns drive letters versus how W98 (DOS) assigned drive letters.

Further, if you add an additional hard drive, it will by default be assigned the next available drive letter.

To avoid having to go through and change drive letters after installing new drives, or having problems with links to CD drives, I set my removable media drives to high letters:

CD-R = R:
CD-RW = W:
DVD = V:
Smart Card media reader = O:

You can change the letters as desired from
Administrative Tools, Computer Management, Drive Management


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by Maggot In reply to Drive letter assignment

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