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    Drive Letter Assignments


    by btljooz ·

    I had to have the Master hard drive in my computer replaced. I was told to leave the Slave hard drive disconnected while I installed my XP OS on the Master drive, which I did. I then connected my Slave hard drive. Now the computer reads the Slave drive as “F” instead of “D” like it is supposed to.

    How do I re-assign the Drive Letters so that the Slave drive is read as “D” instead of “F”?

    I’m on a ‘loaner’ computer right now and the owner wants is back ASAP.

    I am a novice so pleeeeeez:D try to keep it as simple as possible. Thank you for any help you might be able to give me on this.

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      by bart777 ·

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      Go into the computer management screen (Right click the My Computer icon and selct manage).

      Select Disk Management on the left. This should show you all of the drives available.

      Find the F drive and right click on it. Then select change drive letter or path. You can then give it the letter you desire. If your CD is on D though you will need te reassign it as well.

      Good luck.

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      by btljooz ·

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