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    Drive letters do not show up


    by hjudek ·

    Computer: 2.4Ghz P4, 750 MB RAM
    OS: Windows XP 2nd

    I recetnyl had to make a “heart transplant”, because my HD ran out of space. I had a 120 GB Maxtor ATA133 HD installed and replaced it with a 250 GB of the same make and type and cloned its contents with Acronis True Image’s automatic mode.

    It worked like a charme and within a couple of hours, I had a new master HD with two partitions as I had before (now 72 something GB and 155 GB). I left everything else untouched and the system started up without problems – except one very serious problem.

    I have a slave drive (FAT32) with 40 GB and a DVD ROM/RAM drive installed. They do not show up in the explorer and are not accesible. They show up in the Device Manager, though and also in maintenance programs like Fixit 6.0. I tried to uninstall the drives, which worked with the CDR, which showed up once after a restart, but then disappeared again. When trying to uninstall the ATA controller or the IDE channels, the system stalled (did not continue, but did not freeze).

    I am sure that this is just a linking program, but have no idea how to “mount” (greetings from Linux) the drives in my new HD.

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      by jgeldenhuys ·

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      Have checked in computer management if the drives show there and that a drive letter has been assaigned to them?

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      by icb’s corner ·

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      Use diskmgmt.msc to find if hdds are working and you can change a partition letter.

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