Drive Mapping 1 User Fail (2003-XP)

By dannybaker ·
Hi All,
I've got me a new problem.

Current setup is as follows:

Server 2003
XP SP3 Clients - Ghosted using GSS2.5

Multiple User accounts grouped with drives mapped via the groups (not by the individual accounts)

Homefolders have settings applied for the groups not for the user.


Last week we replaced 16 new machines. Ghosted out the images which have worked with all previous models (These are the next model along though with a slightly different HAL, correct drivers are installed).

Once all setup was complete it appears that every member of the groups that we have except one can login and have their drives correctly mapped.

However, one member of the group does not get any drives mapped, nor do they have my documents redirected to the correct folder.

Does anyone have any ideas because this one has me stumped as the settings are applied at group level and not the user level. There doesn't appear to be any events in event viewer they just don't appear in my computer or my documents.

Log out and in as another member of the same group and the drives are all there.

So i think this must be permissions somewhere but I can't seem to locate it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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by dannybaker In reply to Drive Mapping 1 User Fail ...

It seems that during the Imaging of the computers the users SID got damaged and no longer corresponds to the folders that i am mapping to.

I am not entirely sure why this has happened but the solution for me was to delete the user account after backing up all items in the users home folder then recreate it via the user create wizard.

This reset the SIDs and in effect relinked them to the account.

I am not entirely sure how/why this has happened and i can not see this solution being the best option for a large business with many shares as it involves moving the shares then recreating/repopulating them again.

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