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Drive Mapping keeps changing

By joegrosskopf ·
I have all of my users with the letter U: mapped to their home directory "\\servername\home\%username% on the server using the profiles tab in active directory.

One user sometimes gets mapped to the root of the home directory and not to his user. He can change the mapping manually each time this happens but I would like to prevent this from happeneing at all. Any suggestions?


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by jason In reply to Drive Mapping keeps chang ...

What do you mean "using the profiles tab in active directory"?

Are you not just using a login script?

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by joegrosskopf In reply to Drive Mapping keeps chang ...

I am not using a script. If you go into Active Directory, double click a user, go to the "Profiles" tab, there is a section below called "Home Folder". I have the user set there to have U point to \\servername\home\username

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by david.weitzmon In reply to Drive Mapping keeps chang ...


Joe, I am wondering if you ever got a solution to this issue. We too are having this issue only with users of XP Pro systems. Their Home Drive which is set in the profile tab in Active Directory. For some reason they seem to loose connection to their full destination. \\servername\users$\username. They seem to only get \\servername\users$ and it drops their username and then they are unable to use this mapping. Did you get a solution?

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by joegrosskopf In reply to Drive Mapping keeps chang ...

Never got a solution. Still an open case here. Please update me if you find out anything

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by ozzie In reply to Drive Mapping keeps chang ...

Has anyone found a solution to this Home drive mapping issue? I am rolling out new Acer S285 and have encountered this home directory mapping problem, all of our old system always get the correct mapping but the new Acer S285 sometimes do not, they get mapped to the root drive? I am not sure why yet but I suspect it has something to do with Office 2003 using a MST install file.

If someone has any suggestions please post. Thanks -O

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We are having the exact same problem

by jhmidler In reply to Drive Mapping keeps chang ...

Did anyone ever find a solution to this?

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same here

We're having this problem also. We have windows 2000 directory servers, and a windows 2003 R2 storage server for the H drives.

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Answer - Home drives mapping to top level

by wendylangley In reply to same here

Check your Group policy settings. Under computer configuration/admin templates/system/logon set this to "Always wait for the network........ Set this to "Enabled". By enabling this the pc will wait at boot up to ensure the network is initialized before loading desktop.

Apparently Windows 2000 waited but by default XP doesn't wait. This appears to have resolved the issue for us.

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Previous Answer is Perfect!

by dmarkle In reply to Answer - Home drives map ...

Changed the group policy settings as per Wenylangley previous post and it worked perfectly, thank you very much as this was making me insane, only happening to one user out of about 50, but this corrected it.

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