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    Drive mapping label change


    by dave the it guy ·

    When a server was installed the description field given to it was very long. ie.
    “Standard Install File Server at Location 1.”
    When creating drive mappings to shared folders on that server, XP creates a label that includes this description as well as the share name. ie.
    Sharename on Standard Installl File Server at Location 1 (servername) (X:)
    This is way too long. I have changed the description field on the server to make it just read “Filesrvr Sitename”. My normal user profile does not map to this server as I am not at that site. If I manually map a drive letter to the share on that server, I get the label that I want.
    Sharename on Filesrvr Sitename (X:)
    Clients on the site in question are still getting the old label on their mapped drives because they existed before I made the change on the server. The old text string must be being cached somewhere on the local PC’s but I don’t know where. Any idea where they would be and how I get each client (200 of them) to update the mappings to the new name?

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      Reply To: Drive mapping label change

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Drive mapping label change

      Remove the drive mapping and then reapply it with a login script.

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      Reply To: Drive mapping label change

      by dugadugdug ·

      In reply to Drive mapping label change

      Suggestion: How about modifying the login script to remove the drive mapping, since I am assuming it is persistent, and then remapping it.

      Example (assuming drive letter is I):
      if exist i:\*.* net use i: /del /yes
      net use i: \\servername\sharename

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      by xca0025 ·

      In reply to Drive mapping label change

      Modify the string values under the following key.


      If anyone knows a built-in functions in the OS to clear these items, I would be very interested. It is rather strange that they are not refreshed automatically when the server comments are altered.

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        Net Use

        by robdixon ·

        In reply to Modify HKEY_CURRENT_USER

        Try using the NET USE commmand to delete previous entries.

        net use * /delete /yes

        This will delete all sessions, mapped drives and cached info

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      Further related question

      by russell1215 ·

      In reply to Drive mapping label change

      Is there a way to use the NET USE or some other command to change the “Comment” or “Label” for a drive mapping?

      For example for one of my server shares …
      NET USE Q: \\srv-m2ne\Video_04 /p:n
      … results in a “description in My Computer” of:

      Video_04 on ‘srv-m2ne'(Q:)

      But instead of the “Video_04 on ‘srv-m2ne'” I want to “use F2” (but within the bat file that does all of our mapping) and change the “Label” to something like:

      Video04 MOVIES (Q:)

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