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    Drive mappings


    by megtek ·


    I have a weird problem. All of a sudden three machines on my LAN get drive map errors in the login script. It is a container login script. Says cannot map because it cannot find the server. But once I bypass it, I can manually map through NetWork Neighborhood. The workstation has Windows XP and the XP client version 4.83.

    Help. Thanks.

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      You must have 4.83SP2 and patch “D” or “E” also.

      Login Script must be exact, such as:
      MAP I:=\\servername\DATA\DWG\

      IF MEMBER OF “Document Control” THEN
      MAP ROOT U:=\\servername\DATA\QC

      Users or groups Must have rights to whatever you are mapping.

      More useful login script items are:



      If you have the mapping error number you can search the knowledge base at:

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      by mablair88 ·

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      I have seen this problem before when the network card in the server was changed. User’s problems with drive mappings were sporadic (some people in the LAN could map drives and others couldn’t). A driver update did not resolve the problem but replacing the network card with the old one did.

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      by duster52 ·

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      Did you make any other changes to LAN/servers/workstations? Change the protocol order that is loaded on the servers and workstations?

      This sounds like a problem where the workstations can’t locate the server at initial bootup because IP is set as the preferred protocol and IP & SLP is not configured correctly. The workstation is unable to negotiate a connection so it fails. Then later through NetNeigh, it can find the server, because it has had a chance to update it’s view of the network. I would check and make sure that you have the protocols set correctly and that they match on all of the workstations and servers.

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      by pvnrao ·

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      only 3 machines get errors mean your login script
      is ok , then the problem could be either from
      the i/o point and or the network card. some times
      the electrical lines running parallel to the lan
      lines also cause such errors when these ele.points
      are used for some other purposes.separate line can
      be run for one of the 3 and also the machine can
      be moved to some other good point and tested

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      by megtek ·

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