Drive mappings.

By Memin ·
We have migrated users from Novell servers to Windows based servers. Now i'm having problems with a handful of users connecting to their home folder. Their home folder is set to \\servername\home\%username% but when they log off and log back in their home folder defaults to \\servername\home.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Drive mappings.

On the server open server management. Select Users, Select Configure My Documents Redirection. Tick Redirect all My Documents to the default shared folder for users on the Small Business Server.

So long as your profile has a home folder drive letter and folder attached you do not need to map a drive for home directories.

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No luck yet

by Memin In reply to Win2003?

Active Directory creates the home folder automatically. It will work fine and you can always remap if it disconnects but it's driving the users and us crazy. It still will not reconnect at log on, it defaults to \\Servername\home.

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Short term work around

by simon.laird In reply to No luck yet

I'm starting to see this appearing more and more. It has only started in a the last few months.... say since SP2 was rolled out.
I've been working around it by allowing AD to re-grant the user access to their home folder. After a log off/on the drive comes back as it should.

so, I've been doing this;

1. go to the Profile tab in the user AD entry
2. Edit their Home Folder path and then immediately change it back to the correct entry. (This allows you to re-Apply the setting).
3. You should get the 'Folder already exists, do you want to give this person access to the folder blah, blah' message. Hit yes to allow AD to re-apply the permissions.
4. User logs off and back on. Drive mapping returns.

We use My Docs redirection an syncronisation with the users AD home folder which still works. Also, the user can still access the home folder with the full UNC path. It's just the drive that isn't being mapped properly at log on. Our user names do not map directly to a folder of the same name for legacy reasons.

If I can't find a long term solution it might be worth doing the mappings via group policy rather than AD.. or sticking it in the logon script.

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Thanks but still out of luck

by Memin In reply to Short term work around

I've deleted the folder from the file server, removed the home folder path from AD, and readded the path \\server\home\%username% and I'm still having problems. I can remap the drive without any problems. On some users just logging off and back on will cause them to lose their connection. I've showed the users how to remap it themselves and I've even created a batch file (and put it on their desktop) that will remap it for them but they just don't want to do it. If you come up with a solution please let me know I would appreciate it very much. Thanks

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Forgot about this.

by Memin In reply to Thanks but still out of l ...

One other thing, the users have more than one drive mapping. The users have 3 drive mappings to the same file server but lose connection only to their home folder.

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home folder mapping

by mjworsdale In reply to Forgot about this.

I have had the same problems every year when i bulk create the new year 7 accounts. I have allways gone into each account and first picked a random drive say Z then apply then pick the correct drive and apply that. It sorts out the lost drive probs. i am running server 2003 with some 1500 accounts.

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Home Folder - Ever found a fix?

by kocherl In reply to Forgot about this.

Did you ever find a fix for the problem of the Home Folder drive mapping getting lost when users log in?

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Same Issue - No Fix

by bentgellerich In reply to Home Folder - Ever found ...

This has been happening to us for a while. It may have something to do with Symantec Endpoint protection, but I have been unablet to pinpoint the problem. If anyone has a solution for this problem, please post it.


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This is by design.... but here is a real work around.

by simon.laird In reply to Drive mappings.

Just poking through my old mail and found this. We did solve problem in the end but only by introducing another issue. This happens with Windows XP clients due to the networking not being 'ready' when the client logs in. We worked around it by applying the 'Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon' group policy. We have not had a single case of this happening since we applied the policy however it cn slow the login process down.

The policy is in Computer Configuration/Admin Templates/System Logon/

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Try this out and see..

Do a capture until the connection dies, and then see what the last few packets were.
Or use Wireshark:
You might be losing the connection due to a lot of data across the network. Just a thought..

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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