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    Drive not recognized in bois


    by carwrench ·

    This weekend I removed my 40G maxtor hard drive to try and formate some other drives I bought at the computer show, now I am trying to install my existing 40 gig drive an the bios is not recognozing it I’ve been through the various checks cabel,power,bios setup etc. and nothing so far.
    Another of my concern, the system would recognize my cdr/w drive as a slave without the 40g maxtor connected when I set the jumper to master on the har ddrive and reboot it will no longer recognize the cdr/w, it just disappears from the BIOS,I’ve been switching cabels,jumpers power connections and my system will only recognize my cdr/w as a primary slave and my #2 hard drive as the secondary master, also my OS is windows xp professional.

    I need some help! all my clients drawings are on the drive and I need to retrive my classwork assingments.

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      by inletgrovehs ·

      In reply to Drive not recognized in bois

      Can you feel the 40G hard drive spinning up when you turn it on? If you don’t feel it spinning up you may want to try to spin the hard drive it back and forth in your hand to try and free it up.

      Also, I would check one last time that the 40G is set to master (sometimes there is also a special jumper for “master with slave”) and that the CD-RW is set to slave.

      You may also want to try reseting your CMOS (done usually by a jumper located near the BIOS battery).

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      by michael j ·

      In reply to Drive not recognized in bois

      To follow that up….

      Stupid as it sounds, make sure Cable Select is Cable Select… If one is set as CS, BOTH devices MUST be, as well as the BIOS for that chain.

      –Just to muddy the waters a bit, why not run SCSI (seing as how you mentioned “drawings”)?

      Good Luck!

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      by aronya1 ·

      In reply to Drive not recognized in bois

      Reset your BIOS to default settings. If all of your cables (what’s the possibility you damaged a ribbon cable?), etc. are set properly, but the drive is still not recognized, you have a problem with either the drive itself (maybe it just died; it happens) or your BIOS. Can you flash the BIOS?

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