Drive Permissions in Server 2008

By TBoneTerwilliger ·
We remove domain\users permissions from the root of all of our drives because we don't want users accessing adminsitrative share via UNC path in our environment. By default, when you join server 2008 to the domain it adds domain admins to the local administrators group of the server. However, I have a user called "jobs" that we use to run services on the server. This user is a member of the domain admins group. Realistically any user who is a member of local administrators group should have full control of all drives on the system. This user does not have any access. I've checked the NTFS perms and servername\administrators have full control. So if you follow the hierarchy, "jobs" is a member of domain admins who is a member of local administrators who has full control over all NTFS perms on the server. Why do I get access denied when trying to access the drive as "jobs", but I have the ability as "jobs" to add itself full control permissions to the drives? Sorry if this question doesn't make sense, but the results don't make sense either.


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NT Authority\System

by BFilmFan In reply to Drive Permissions in Serv ...

Check and make sure that you haven't removed NT Authority\System from the folders and files NTFS permissions when you removed the UNC shares.

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SYSTEM Permissions

by TBoneTerwilliger In reply to NT Authority\System

Thanks for your reply. SYSTEM has full control of all of these folders. Just to clarify, we did not remove the share, only permissions allowing domain\users access to view the share. The only permissions that were removed were domain\users: list, read/execute, read.

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same problem

by R2b In reply to SYSTEM Permissions

I have the same problem, do you have an answer?

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