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Drive Read Error

By vatdcs ·
Help Please.
My Maxtor (6L250R0) after A crash & resetup
My drive refuse to boot unless I load Maxblast 4
and run Util, & MBR Restore, Restart OK,
Just Powerup Boot, Time for a new Drive..?

Thank you in Advance.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Drive Read Error

Does the drive have a partition on it?

Is the partition bootable?

Is there an OS on this partition?

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by vatdcs In reply to Drive Read Error

Yes, Infact the drive was LL/Formated with Powermax
& Installed with maxblast 4. It did conferm
1 partition of 250.9 GB. The drive works fine
& will untill I turn it off, Then no boot.

Thank you Sir.

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by mr.wizzard In reply to Drive Read Error

If you originally used Maxblast 4 on this drive when it was installed and you have not done a clean install of the drive following the crash (deleted any existing partitions, repartitioned and formatted the drive) this would be the case. Maxblast is Maxtors utility to make the whole process easier and if you do not wipe the drive and start from ground zero, you would need to use the Maxblast utility, unless of course, your BIOS does not support that large a HDD. In that case, partition it into smaller drives that the BIOS can handle.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Drive Read Error

Sounds as if on the reinstall you have messed up the Max Blast $ installation as you need that to boot from and it should have copied files to the HDD so you do not need to go through that Boot Up procedure.

I would consider wiping the Drive and doing a proper reinstall with both Windows and Max Blast 4 and this time making sure that you've done it correctly.


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by donmars In reply to Drive Read Error

Low Level Formats can be tricky. Does the drive make any unfamiliar noises?

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