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Drive Space

By jjayjohn04 ·
I recently bought a new 120gb hard drive. I took the my old & new drive to work and copied all the info from my 30 gb to my new drive. The problem is that my computer only see 30gb of my new drive. I tried right clicking on my computer then going into disk mgmt to add a new partition but I do not get that option. The format option is grayed out as well so I cannot use this option either. I was wpndering if anyone has any ideas how I can add a new partition or get the computer to see the rest of the space on the drive. I was thinking(but not sure if this would work) installing vmware on my laptop then putting windows xp on the vmware. I was then going to install symantec ghosting software to take an image of my current drive then re-image the drive. The only problem with this is that I do not know how to get the desktop to see the virtual drive on my laptop where the iamge would be located. I welcome any suggestions of how I can get this accomplished.

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Drive space suggestion

by X Mad X In reply to Drive Space

Firstly let me say i am no expert. Secondly having done a similar thing myself once, i recommend slaving the old drive to the new one, providing they run the same OS with either NTFS or fat32, you can ghost away to your hearts content, or just leave the bulk and take what you need. 120gb will fill up soon enough, so consider keeping your old drive as a slave.

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Drive Space

by jjayjohn04 In reply to Drive space suggestion

I copied all the contents of the old drive onto the new drive. So my computer sees the new drive as 30 gb. When the 30 gb fills up I will still have 90gb free that will not be able to be used due to the computer does not see this free space on the drive. I really do not want to re-image the drive due some of the software i have installed currently.

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My Bad

by X Mad X In reply to Drive Space

I'm going to presume that you are afraid to reformat your 120gb and that slaving is not an option, but i'm guessing here that you inadvertantly poped in a 30gb partition and now can not see the other 90gb. Such delemias need experts pal, and i'm no out of the box fully assembled solution either. Here's hoping the next reply will get you some answers.
Ask around.

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Need to partition

by sharc06 In reply to Drive Space

Like the other guy said you probably made the 120gb hard drive a 30gb partition. what you should do is re-partition the 120gb hard drive (which you will need you windows disk for or DOS). partition it for the 120gb (if thats how much you want to partition it for) then do the ghosting or use DOS and xcopy from the 30gb as a master and the 120gb as slave. or whatever imaging you like. not trying to insult your intelligence but did you just slave the other drive and never partition it and just format it and copy? if so that is definitley the issue and doing the above should fix it. just my two cents and there might be a quicker and better way.

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Give this a try

by QREUS1 In reply to Need to partition

First thing you need to verify is that your computer (BIOS) supports a drive of that size. If it happens that it does not support that size, try to find an update for the BIOS and perform a "flash." When the system boots check to see if the size shows up correctly. if there are no updates to correct it, then you cannot do anything for it to access the full drive. As for copying, did you perform the copy using imaging software such as DiskImage or Ghost if you did verify that you performed a disk to disk copy and not a partition to partition copy. Good luck

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