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Driven to distraction by technology

By cachifox ·
The typical office worker is interrupted every three minutes by a phone call, e-mail, instant message or other distraction. The problem is that it takes about eight uninterrupted minutes for our brains to get into a really creative state.

The result, says Carl Honore, journalist and author of "In Praise of Slowness," is a situation where the digital communications that were supposed to make working lives run more smoothly are actually preventing people from getting critical tasks accomplished. (from CNET News)

It shows that they blame the Existence of the Technology now a days. Is that right?

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by amcol In reply to Driven to distraction by ...

When automobiles were first invented, there was a lot of screaming about how life was going to change and that was bad. Didn't seem to have too much of an effect on the automobile industry.

When the telephone and telegraph were first invented, same thing. Didn't do too much to prevent the telecommunications industry from taking shape.

When gunpowder was introduced to western civilization I'm sure there were those who regarded it as the work of the devil. 'Nuff said.

Down throughout history there are those naysayers who for any variety of reasons resist change. Change is inevitable. Change is unstoppable. Change, once unleashed, somewhere along the line can't even be managed or controlled.

So we all have a choice to make. Fight change, or embrace change. Those of us who embrace it, thrive. Those who fight it get run over.

Technology has always been one of the leading areas of significant rapid change. First there's a lot of breast beating about how great things will become, then a lot of screaming and crying about how rotten things have become. Is that technology's fault? Or is it the fault of those who have put technology to use?

Don't blame the tools when the building falls down. If the workmen knew what they were doing it would still be standing.

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If in the office, use the off switch....

by gadgetgirl In reply to Driven to distraction by ...

if you want some really creative time, just switch everything off! Everything has an off switch (even the brain!) Obviously, some things can be more readily switched off than others, but for a peaceful time, switch off messenger and mobile, and put the office phone on divert (if allowed!)

It's the same as everything else - if you had a multiscreen television, would you watch all the channels at once? No? Why? - because its' too distracting!

To ensure you complete critical and time sensitive tasks just takes a little time management and planning, and finding the off switch on all your digital gadgets!


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Do this typical office worker understand what she's/his doing

by cachifox In reply to Driven to distraction by ...

May be these office worker don't know how to manage this things or even his life :-) and she/he just blame technology.

Me I've got all that too.(2 Mobile Phones, Monitoring our Web site, Emails, Alerts, Local phones, fax, entertaining people) but it seems that I found no problem on it....

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Maybe work has evolved...

by duncan.sherwin In reply to Driven to distraction by ...

Is it just possible that many of todays office tasks have become simple enter or update tasks and that few people need to concentrate on a single task for more than 3 minutes at a time? and in my former life as an application developer, my job was to dumb down work so that employees didn't need to make judgements, just supply the criteria and the application will make the judegement. don't think, just do.
so the effects of 3 minute work intervals may not be that severe in the workplace.

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New for his field of work

by cachifox In reply to Maybe work has evolved...

May be its a matter of time management, or that typical office worker is just new for that field.

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