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    Driver for HP 932C


    by a_shurn ·

    I tried to install a driver for HP deskjet 932C on a Me machine and got all the way thru the install and at the very end the system did not see the USB port the printer is connected to. Any one have any ideas on how to resolve this issue?

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      by willcomp ·

      In reply to Driver for HP 932C

      Did you install driver and reboot before connecting printer? Most older model USB Deskjet printers require driver and software installation prior to connecting printer.

      If that’s not the case with your printer, disconnect it, reboot PC and reconnect after Me loads.

      If still no success, check HP website on uninstalling driver. Add/Remove Programs may not remove all files. After uninstalling, try reinstalling drivers.


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      by philospher ·

      In reply to Driver for HP 932C

      I’m assuming you have used the windows install procedure. Try that first, if that doesn’t work try this
      I would uninstall the driver then reinstall the software, restart the computer & make sure the unit is connected and powered up. Win-ME should reconize the printer. This should work. Also check the computers BIOS and make sure the ports are activated. Also check windows device manager applet to make sure USB ports are active.

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      Reply To: Driver for HP 932C

      by razz2 ·

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      If you have the drivers installed, and USB enabled in
      BIOS and still nothing then try this:

      Go to Device Manager and under USB delete
      everything. (Have the ME cd handy incase it asks later)

      With the printer NOT connected reboot and let ME
      redetect the USB components. Then plug the printer in
      and that should do it.


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      Reply To: Driver for HP 932C

      by rewrite ·

      In reply to Driver for HP 932C

      I had the same issue with an hp2110. HP support was useless. If, after you try the other good suggestions listed above, try reinstalling me right over the top of itself. With ME running, put your system cd in the drive and let it reinstall. I had tried everything mentioned above and did this as a last resort. It worked so I assumed that the installation screwed up the usb config somehow. But only do this as a last resort. You’ll have to reapply all of the updates available again afterwards.



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