Driver for intel r 82865g graphics controller for OS window 7

By 7jong ·
looking for window 7 driver of intel r 82865g graphics controller

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by oldbaritone In reply to Driver for intel r 82865g ...

Intel has drivers available for most of their chipsets, although they recommend that you use a manufacturer-provided driver if one is available.


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this chipset is no longer supported . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Driver for intel r 82865g ...

and the Intel page states that they will not be providing a win7 driver for it


from the page:
Windows 7* drivers are not available for the following older Intel?? graphics controllers:

# Mobile Intel?? **5GM/GMS, **0GML Express Chipset Family

# Intel?? 82**5G/82**0GL Express Chipset Family

# Intel?? 82865G Graphics Controller

# Intel?? 82852/82855 Graphics Controller

# Intel?? 82845G Graphics Controller

# Intel?? 82830M Graphics Controller

# Intel?? 82815 Graphics Controller

# Intel?? 82810 Graphics Controller

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As stated above this Chip Set is no longer supported

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Driver for intel r 82865g ...

So Intel has stopped developing new drivers for it.

In addition you need to specify which Windows 7 Drivers you need, there are two distinct versions of Windows 7 the 32 Bit and the 64 Bit. The 64 Bit Drivers Will Not work with a 32 Bit Operating System and the 32 Bit Drivers are unlikely to work with a 64 Bit OS.

What you need to do here is visit the Makers Web Site and see what they have for your exact Hardware. So if you have a NB you need to visit the the NB Makers Web Site and look at what OS's they support. Sometimes Vista Drivers will work with 7 but sometimes they will not so if the Vista Driver doesn't work on this particular Video Chip Set you are stuck with Unsupported Hardware which a quick check of the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser would have told you before you started. That is a Free Utility from M$ available here


However if you wish to persist with this and you have Program Writing Experience there is nothing stopping you from writing your own drivers for this Video Chip Set or paying a Developer to do this for you. But realistically the Drivers for something like this are too expensive for any individual to contemplate and they buy new hardware. This is not something new and is common occurrence with new versions of all M$ Windows Operating Systems. It was a major complaint when XP was released a Major Complaint when Vista was released and a continuing Complaint with the release of 7.

To that end for some very specialized work I am still running a 98 System for Film Scanning as the Scanner that I have doesn't have XP Drivers available and as it's not cheaply replaced it's easier and less expensive for me to retain a 98 System to scan in Large Format Positives/Negatives.

Of course if I was doing lots more of this type of work I could justify the several Thousand $ cost of a Suitable Film Scanner but for what I need 98 works fine.


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