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Drives become umaped

By fleury29 ·
I have a user that has mapped drives. I mapped them myself, making sure that the, "Reconnect on log on" box was checked. The user preceded to log on and poof no drive. I'm all out of ideas? Any help?

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by exNN In reply to Drives become umaped

Why do not use a login script to map them in as soon as he logs in?

net use (driveletter): \\(server)\(sharedresource)

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by w2ktechman In reply to Drives become umaped

Does it ask for logon credentials? If the PW is incorrect then they will not load, but you should receive an error

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by lonelywind In reply to Drives become umaped

It's possible that the original profile became unusable, and XP created a second user profile for the account. If you're not using roaming profiles, this might be the cause of your problem.

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Same Problem

by mjohnston In reply to Drives become umaped

I am having the same problem. Even if I use net use (driveletter): \\computername\share /Persistent:Yes the drive disappears when I logoff. I could use a batch file but the problem occurs with other users and to different shares. The problem even occurred with Vista Ultimate. I also have the Group Policy wait for network at login set. I have reinstalled the OS and I still have the same problem. I was thinking it has to do with the doamin master browser but i can't find any information on that.

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Login scripts and Z: mapping.

by Choppit In reply to Drives become umaped

Check for any login scripts which may be deleting the drive mappings.

Also, if you're using downlevel clients (W9x) be aware that Z: is mapped temporarily during login and if it's not available (i.e. already allocated, or the mapping is deleted by your login script) this can prevent drives from mapping.

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