DriveShield VS. DeepFreeze vs. Centurion Guard

By courtneytrautweiler ·
Setting up a new lab for a library and was looking for opinions about these programs. I have used DriveShield in the recent past and found it a bit dicey on being able to access the configuration mode. Also used the key/lock centurion guard hardware and found it consistently easy to use, but not manufactured now. No experience with DeepFreeze. Glad to hear opinions and suggestions on these programs or recommendation on something new...

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DeepFreeze was dicey too..

by TerryOdom In reply to DriveShield VS. DeepFreez ...

It's been about 5+ years since I last used it and was flakey back then. Things may have changed since then. It was extremely secure of course. I just remember it being a pain to thaw PC's before doing any configuration on them.

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Centurion Guard

by SPC_TCOL In reply to DriveShield VS. DeepFreez ...

I have used the Guard, and if you do it right you can do a lot with it, but the problem is, that some programs needed to save something on the hard drive and this is the big problem of the Guard.

Nowadays you don't need all of this, you shouldn't have a problem to let the server check the computer OS for any changes, and reinstall the system over night.

There are way more option out there, then buying one of these programs that cost you a yearly fee.
I wanted to get away from this system, but Schools love it and they love to pay yearly fees.

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Deep Freeze

by jgreasebal In reply to DriveShield VS. DeepFreez ...

Had a lot of success with Deep Freeze and you are able to thaw at the workstation or through a console. You can set it up to use a thaw space to save work on which is easy to lock down if needed.

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