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    Driving me crazy


    by daygo ·

    I have a Windows XP machine that suddenly could not see any network resources (printers, drive shares. etc). So I tried to remove it from the domain then readd. Each time I try to readd the message “The following error occurred attempting to joint the domain “”: The specified network name is no longer available.

    Have full network connectivity and can surf the web. Have tried removing and reinstalling the NIC. Stop and started the master browser. Tried using different computer names. All to no avail.

    The problem is only this computer as other computers have since been added to the domain.

    Any ideas????

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      by daygo ·

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      Delete the computer completely

      by oldbaritone ·

      In reply to Driving me crazy

      Did you delete it from the domain, or just reset it? I’ve had better success if I completely delete the computer from the domain before attempting to add it back in. Sometimes “reset” doesn’t work.

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        profile issue?

        by beanxyz ·

        In reply to Delete the computer completely

        i agree with oldbaritone, you can also try to login as other domain accounts since that profile might be corrupted.

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          have tried

          by daygo ·

          In reply to profile issue?

          Thanks for the replies. It is standard procedure to delete a computer from Active Directory before readding so this has been done. Also, I am logged on locally as admin when trying to add to the domain so this would not be a profile issue.

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          by patb071 ·

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          Have you checked to make sure that you Ip isn’t being used by another pc and check if the promary dns and secondary are set up correctly?

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      by daygo ·

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      DNS seems to be ok and there is no duplicaton of a network name.

      The real reason I am trying so hard to readd this computer without simply formatting and reinstalling is because the user says that she has an Archive folder in Outlook. But I cannot find a pst file on her computer or any network drive.

      Was thinking if it could be added back to the domain that maybe she has a mapped drive that I don’t know about that houses the .pst file. Also, I should be able to open her mail applet in control panel and see where XP is point to for the .pst file.

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        by smartacew0lf ·

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        The path for the .pst in Outlook is ‘C:\Documents and Settings\clients username\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook’. You will naturally have to enable viewing of hidden files within Windows Explorer. If your domain users are using local profiles, that is where it will be unless she deliberately chose a different path.
        In addition, regarding the possibility of an IP conflict, your reply about this sort of side-stepped the issue. Hosts (computer names) can all be different and still have IP conflicts. I do hope you checked that.
        One last thing worthy of mention is that one of the latest flavors of malware or virus’ is of the DNS Hijacking variety. Could keep you from connecting to the domain as well. Check the proxy settings in Internet Options.

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