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DRONES. The biggest social evolution of the XXI century?

By marcos1571932885 ·
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Passenger Drones and high-level access in and out of a building/tower will fundamentally change the way we understand a city.

All buildings are literally one- way “vertical cul-de-sacs”.The way in is the same as the way out. Everybody goes up from the bottom opening but comes down from the bottom too.

Cities rely on not easily editable and hard to adjust " arteries"(roads, bridges and underground tunnels cannot be widened easily) so the result is collapse and gridlock.

DRONES will change all this.

In 1931, Aldous Huxley made the first reference to the passenger drone. In his novel, Brave new world, everyday transportation is the private helicopter.

“The machine shot vertically into the air. Henry accelerated; the humming of the propeller shrilled from hornet to wasp, from wasp to mosquito; the speedometer showed that they were rising at the best part of two kilometres a minute.”

If we are no longer required to come down the “bottleneck” of a building or join the ground arteries to move around what could a city be like?

We can easily foresee how buildings will change. If Drones are the main transport medium then we can imagine a tower with many helipads at regular intervals. We can then extrapolate further and see clusters of towers connected at many levels. These will be cities themselves. "Vertical cities" that soon after will be developed in ideal locations where one can have nature and city literally in the same place. Only at different levels.

How will society and us as individuals fit into all this?

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