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Drop in Instagram engagement since moving country

By dmn8r ·
I moved from Canada to Australia three months ago, and since doing so, I've seen a significant drop in engagement on my business Instagram account. If we take likes for example, I'm getting 60-70% fewer on average per post.

As a lot of people find my work through hashtags, my first thought was that I was missing out on the large northern hemisphere market (essentially posting when they were asleep). I therefore tried posting at the same time I used to post in Canada, but it made no difference.

I also tried removing my location completely from the profile – again with little effect. It also doesn't appear as if I've been shadowbanned.

This is a huge frustration. Does anyone have any advice on the issue?

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Location Preference

by help1563898615 In reply to Drop in Instagram engagem ...

I can't exactly point out the issue as I'm not fully aware of the product and the whole real scenario.

What happens is if a person is searching for things on the Instagram they always see things on top that are nearby. Maybe you 've disabled the location of your posts now but maybe when you were in Canada posts were cached by Canadain location and you were getting Canadian crowd to your posts.

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by deborasumopayroll In reply to Drop in Instagram engagem ...

May be a problem with the location I guess. Try posting some unique content apart from your work. o=r post some latest trends in your work.

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Lower income

by KingAlexander13Mt In reply to Drop in Instagram engagem ...

Such a decline is due to the fact that your rating has fallen. Even if the period of not posting and not being online was short, Instagram greatly reduces your income. The location usually has nothing to do with income. Although, if you were banned then most probably the location plays the significant role. Sometimes, Instagram automatically bans accounts that suddenly change their location. The only way is to contact customer support service and try to find a compromise.

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