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    Dropped Connections-Relinking Tables


    by bwaldrum ·

    Utilizing an MS Access front end linked to SQL Server back end tables. On a wired network, no problem with linked tables. However, several of my users have laptops with broadband wireless pc-cards from Sprint. When using program, the connection drops when a short interval of activity takes place resulting in the user having to shut down Access and restart which also means they loose the data they were editing.

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      Refreshing the links doesn’t work?

      by maevinn ·

      In reply to Dropped Connections-Relinking Tables

      They should be able to refresh the connection without closing it down–still a pain, but a better work around until you can resolve why the system is losing the connection to begin with. I’d review the SQL side of it–it’s probably disconnecting due to something related to how the network identifies the wirelss users.

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        Your Right

        by bwaldrum ·

        In reply to Refreshing the links doesn’t work?

        I tested the theory with my computer where I am currently developing a C# program to replace Access. It did the same thing when person activity stopped for a time. I believe it is caused by the software for the NexTel pc card, you know, trying not to tie up in active connections to speed up the other users. However, C# and .net should allow me an easier fix to the problem, possibly even asp pages. Any insight would be helpful.

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