Dropped laptop on ground, now it wont boot up

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A few months ago, I dropped my laptop on the concrete floor of my basement. It turned off and I was able to turn it on again but then I got a blue screen a few minutes later and it shut off. When turned on, it says no bootable device check cable connection. I turned it off and used a different computer. I have family photos, personal information and things I'd like to get off it. How do I do this? Is it completely gone? I don't even hear spinning when I turn it on, I just get the screen I mentioned before.

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Bad Hard Drive - Need Recovery Software or Services

by oliverpowell In reply to Dropped laptop on ground, ...

I strongly suspect that the internal hard drive might have damaged, though not sure weather its logical or physical. Consider removing it from the problem Laptop and connect it externally using SATA/ USB cable. See if the system can detect the hard drive and you'll get a chance to try recovery software and recovering your precious documents. You can find the list of recovery software on below mentioned URL:

If in case the drive isn't detectable anymore, you might not able to perform recovery using software. Recovery professional will be the last resort to get your data back which may charge you ** A LOT MORE**

Good Luck though!!

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