Dropped laptop running slowly

By manlutacit ·
I knocked my husband's laptop off the sofa, and now it runs extremely slow. Normally, I would think it was a software glitch, but it seems an odd coincidence that the laptop drop and the error happen at the same time. The laptop itself is a two year old Dell Inspiron, and it is running Windows XP SP2 with Zone Alarm Security Suite.

Even in safe mode, the computer takes several more minutes to load than normal. There is no real "error" that I get; it simply takes forever, and nothing can get done. In task manager, it only shows 2% of the CPU being used at its slowest points.

The RAM is firmly inserted in the laptop, and the hard drive sounds normal. My first inclination is to rebuild the hard drive; are there any other possible solutions that I may be overlooking?

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damaged hardware

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Dropped laptop running sl ...

You could very well have damaged the hardware inside the laptop. Software doesn't cause what you've explained simply because it was dropped. However, dropping them isn't good on the hardware. Anything could have happened, from plugs coming loose a bit to actually damaging things beyond repair. Personally, I would take it to the repair shop and have them take a look inside.

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This sounds as if

by gadgetgirl In reply to Dropped laptop running sl ...

it could be one of the mini circuit boards on the motherboard could have dislodged itself.

If you're au fait with taking laptops apart, check the solidity of the mini boards, and then clean with a compressed air spray - gently!

If you haven't taken a laptop apart before and checked the boards, don't take the risk - take it to a repairer. They can also check the volts/amps/watts of everything inside there for you, too.

I agree with ThumbsUp - it sounds more hardware than software, and I've seen this particular problem and solution before.

Hope this helps


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