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    Dropped NetBios Sessions


    by ^rocco^ ·


    I have a perplexing problem occuring on my network. We have several servers
    located at our co-lo vendor. We connect to them via a T-1 line. We can see these servers on our network as if they were local via static entries in our WINS and DNS servers here in the office. We can copy files from the NT 4.0 servers just fine. But when one user starts a copy from the Win2k server and another user starts a copy, the first user’s copy is cancelled. The error message that the dialoggives is “Cannot Copy ex001101: The specified network name is no longer available.”

    We are using two routers for the T-1 line and a Linux firewall on this side of the T-1 line. I am of the opinion that none of these are causing this behavior since this only happens on the win2k server. But I’m open to suggestions for sure.

    As I said, this only happens on the Win2k server. I have removed and re-
    installed the TCP/IP stack but this fixed nothing. At this time my only
    percieved recourse is to do a full re-install of the server, not a pleasant

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

    Rick Lamb

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