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dropping connectivity

By Chilli_Willie ·
I have a new Linksys G router that keeps dropping the connection. I have tried relocating it with no help. My last router was in the same place with no problems. It is in mixed mode becasue I have a b print server, but I am upgrading that to see if that helps.

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My USR does the same thing?

by Sitizn Wille In reply to dropping connectivity

Not sure why it happens but my USR G router does the same thing.
I would like to know if anyone else has an opinion on this?

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by cp7212 In reply to dropping connectivity

A cordless phone that operates in the 2.4 GHz range will cause a connection to drop. Some microwave ovens will cause a connection to drop within a 50' radius. Most microwave ovens have the frequency they operate in on a small plate on the back of the unit. If it is near 2.4 GHz, it could be your culprit.

When your connections drop, is there a pattern? Was your last router the same brand? If not, have you checked for known problems?

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firmware upgrade

by jgrace In reply to Interference?

Try upgrading the firmware for your router. I was having the same problem with a Linksys B router and that fixed the problem.

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Firmware upgrade

by muradr In reply to firmware upgrade

What was the firmware revision?

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Two ideas

by jdclyde In reply to Interference?

First is what CP said. My sister loses connection EVERYTIME her cordless phone rings.

Second, have you tested your card? They are more known to flake out than the access point.

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its a new problem

by Chilli_Willie In reply to Two ideas

The old router did not do this, I will try the firmware upgrade and see if that helps. We also do not have any cordless phones in the office so I can eliminate that as the problem.

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Interference II

by r.mcnaughton In reply to Interference?

Interference seems to be the key, i've traced my problem to be my neighbours cordless phone (our houses are quite close) chaning the channel seems to have minimise the problem.

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Same Problem with WRT54G

by Willie11 In reply to dropping connectivity

I have the same problem with my WRT54G. Both the wired and wireless drop out about once a week. Can't reach Internet, other computers on the network, or even the router set up screens. Power off, power on of router only always resets it.

I'll try a different wireless channel. I know it isn't my phone but you never know about the neighbors.

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