Dropping network connection

I have issues in the last two months with dropping connection to the server and switches. I have trace it back to a certain user's machine. When he logs off his machine, the network starts dropping packets and all connections dies to the server. I will replace the network card to see if that resolves the issue. Any other suggestions?

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by DownRightTired In reply to Dropping network connecti ...

hows your network set up? Strange that you would lose packets when a user logs off. Is it when he just logs off or when his computer is shut down?

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RE: Topography

by UHUIT In reply to topography?

Server 2003 and 50 workstations attached to 5 switches. Dell server and 1Gig Dell switches. When the computer shut-down is when the network drops like crazy.

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shut off switch?

by DownRightTired In reply to RE: Topography

really is a wierd one. Have you tried shutting down the switch that the problem computer is attatched to? Are the switches managed? So no router on internal net? Please post if u solve it, would like to know.

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Re: Shut off switch?

by UHUIT In reply to shut off switch?

Yes, I have shut off the switch that the problem computer is attached to. What I did the last time was to remove all network connection to all our switches, then I connected our server on one switch, connected our sonicwall router, connected the other switches, and then all the workstations one at a time to determine what computer was causing the issue. Two of the three times this issues occured, it was the same workstation. Since your last rsponse, I have replaced the network card on the problem workstation. By the way, our switches are manageable. We'll have to wait and see if this issue occurs again.

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by UHUIT In reply to shut off switch?

Well, It happened again just a few days ago. I have a better idea on how to finding out what causing the issue. I will monitor our switches to determine which port is receiving error or bad packets. any other suggustions??

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been awhile

by DownRightTired In reply to Update

its hard to get an idea of whats going on. So its been like over a month since its happened. When it happened again how did it happen? same way? the user logged off and the network went down? Dunno, Id start with monitoring the packets. Did you ever check the server or the problematic host for any logged errors?

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