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    dropping packets, at home…


    by —tk— ·

    Here is the situation. LOL, I am dropping packets… And its starting to get on my last nerve.

    What clued me in was: I game a decent amount, and I have been getting kicked from Punkbuster for “dropping packets”. For trouble shooting purposes, I started a ping -t and in a second window ping -t When pings start to time out, I would run a tracert, to yahoo and another one to google. Everytime the hops would time out it was between RoadRunners routers/devices. Also I have reset my modum and router, more than a couple times, checked for firmware for my router (there isn’t) Reflashed it with the same version…

    I called the helpdesk, and they say that they are not seeing any issue with my service and that I have a 98% success rate… So, they are basically saying that its my equipment that is causing the issue. Is there anything I am missing? I am 99.9% positive that it is not my equipment that is causing the issue… Also I have experienced it with different PC’s that have different OS’s (Win7&Ubuntu 9.04)

    When everything is running correctly I can get 22MB down and 1 MB up (, but when its not running right I get 2-5 MB down and 600Kbps up…

    Is there anyway to prove that its their stuff thats causing me to drop packets? Or is there anything else I could try?

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      by —tk— ·

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      If it is consistantly

      by ic-it ·

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      the same router(s) that are timing out, explain to them the tracert results. They should have a technician check it out.
      I found a dead one for my ISP years ago that way.

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        by —tk— ·

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        It was the same routers… at that time. however, its on an off again. I guess the best thing is to run them and out put it to a .txt, and save them… That way Ill have more information when I go back to the ISP. I explained it to them, but they refused to believe that it was their stuff that was causing the issue… O well, I’ll gather more data… Thanks for the post!

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      The bad thing with providers

      by jdclyde ·

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      your speed, for example. If you are getting 75% of what you are paying for, that is “within specs”.

      They also do not say 100% uptime, and think you should be grateful to get the 98%.

      The only way to prove it isn’t your router is to run without the router for a day, or switch to a different router.

      I had to call and beotch yesterday because on my 20/2 business cable modem, I was getting 5/1.2

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        by —tk— ·

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        98%, yeah right… I want 100%, I’m greedy like that :). Thanks for the Tip!

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          by cmiller5400 ·

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          If you pay for it, you should receive it right?

          I bought a cookie, yet the bakery only provided 90% of it. Is that considered acceptable? I think not.

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          Thats what I’m screaming!! lol (no text)

          by —tk— ·

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          by jdclyde ·

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          So they took a bite, they were just making sure it was good enough to sell to you!

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