Dropping Wireless Connection w/ Vista

By campesino805 ·
How to correct problem with Toshiba Satellite Notebook on Windows Vista - dropping Belkin wireless connection, requiring "manual" disconnect and reconnect? Typically, the signal shows 'excellent' but somehow ends up with 'limited connectivity' (i.e. cannot get Internet)? I don't have this problem with other notebooks on XP accessing via this router.

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Same Problem

by jekray In reply to Dropping Wireless Connect ...

I'm having the same problem...anyone have any ideas??

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also same problem on 2 diff computers

by titus_cooker In reply to Dropping Wireless Connect ...

I've seen the same problem and am searching for answers. I have a Dell Latitude D520 with Vista Ultimate and periodically (like every 20 or so minutes) it will lose connection with my Linksys G router. It will say "limited connectivity" and requires either a reboot or turning off the wireless and turning it back on (this sometimes doens't work either). Yesterday, at my office, another user of Ultimate had the exact same issue. He was using a new HP laptop on Cisco wireless equipment. The only thing tying us together is the version of Vista we are using and the little icon showing a yellow triangle with an exclamation point over the networking icon. The signal is excellent, like yours, in both cases until it becomes limited connectivity.

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Vista Dropping Wireless Connection

by jamespotts In reply to Dropping Wireless Connect ...

Same thing is happening to me on my new Toshiba U-200 but I have narrowed down the problem to Vista. Also doing a search on the internet 'Vista dropping wireless connection' you will see the problem is widespread over different computers and different routers but all are using Vista and having same exact problem. So I just want ask, where's the fix Microsoft? Hopefully soon? Just a note I have applied the the new Vista Performance and Reliability Pack that will be released probably next week. This update did not correct this issue and maybe a few months before we get another Reliability Pack. James

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by jjac28 In reply to Vista Dropping Wireless C ...

I just bought an Acer 5100 notebook with Vista and I have exactly the same problem. Except mine disconnects every 20 seconds or so...
Its very frustrating! It looks like its a Vista problem , my other laptop+desktop with XP is ok.
C'mon Microsoft own up and fix this problem.
We paid good money for your junk

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Vista / 802.11g Wireless Dropout

by johnjulieh In reply to SAME PROBLEM AS WELL

I'm having the exact same issue with a Belkin 54g wireless router and new Dell 530 home computer. I'm ready to partition my hard drive and load Windows XP back on this brand new computer.

I have tried all of the fixes including changing the MDU value in the register, disabling IPv6 and QoS, loading vista compatible drivers etc. etc. etc.

Someone Help Please

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answer to vista wireless drops?

by realmrealm In reply to Dropping Wireless Connect ...
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Solution to Vista Dropping Connection Problem

by edgar_felix In reply to answer to vista wireless ...

I purchased a new laptop with Vista loaded on it. The problem was my connection would drop even though my other laptops running XP and OS X worked perfectly fine.

After reading up on other forums and trial-and-error, I finally got it to work. Hopefully, this well help in your situation:

System: Dell Inspiron 1420
OS: Vista Basic
Wireless Router: Linksys
Router Local DHCP: Enabled
Router Security Mode: WEP

1) Download the latest firmware for your router.
2) Change Wireless Channel from "6" to "11".

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Similar Solution

by p222pjp In reply to Solution to Vista Droppin ...

I also had the same problem with VB on a HP 6715b connecting to a Belkin 54g Wireless Router. I upgraded the firmware to latest version and set channel to Auto. I also had to change the Wireless connection power saving settings outlined in the below MS KB Document

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Slow connection

by maxiec4ever In reply to Similar Solution

I tried this, I usually have a lot of connection so I go into Network and Sharing then "customize" network then at the bottom of the screen you have "merge or delete network location". clean that area out, while you are disconnected, then try reconnecting, did that and so far it seems ok, but thats "so far"...

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Posible solution to Dropping Wirelsss Connections w/Vista

by tonibradley In reply to Dropping Wireless Connect ...

After getting a new HP Pavilion notebook, wireless dropped and my network could not be seen unless I restarted the machine. At first I was going to take it back as defective. Like you all, I did all the obvious things, updating drivers on the notebook, on the router, changing the channel to the router, etc. It would hold the wirelsss connections for minutes to hours, but it would still drop.

I googled the problem and found that many people are experiencing the same thing, and it seems to be independent of platform. Vista seems to be the common element.

So I did what I usually never do - I called HP. At first they did not admit to knowing about any problems with wireless connections. Then I repeated several times that this problem is well documented in a number of technical forums, and that I would be very surprised if they don't have a large number of problem reports on it.

The rep then admitted that there is a problem with wirelsss connections in Vista, and that Microsoft is still working on fixes. She suggested that I uninstall the wireless adapter, then reinstall it. I was very skeptical - but I had not previously uninstalled the driver first, only updated it.

So I did this 2 days ago. I've left my notebook running since then, and it has not dropped wireless at all. Previously the longest it held the connections was about 10-12 hours.

It may not work for everyone, but it seems to have worked for my notebook - at least for now. So I thought I should send this and you can try it if you haven't already. The key for my fix was to first uninstall the Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN and then reinstall it.

Let me know if you try it and it works for you.


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