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DrWatson running 88 times!

By darrynmarr1979 ·
Ok, im stumped on this 1, ive just removed a few files that were causing my system problems which were ;

ioru.exe (no idea what it was, but didnt belong there)
vxgame and vx blocker.dll (dropper exploit i think)
win32.exe (some relation to a virus dont know which)

ok, let me ask my question, why is it that now when i restart windows xp (professional edition) my task manager is now filled up to the eyeballs with drwtsn32.exe, as in its running 88 times!! at once!! i know what DrWatson is, i know what it does (for the most part anyway), what i dont understand is what its doing running 88 times in my procces and taking up to 50% of my processing power!!!!

again ill repeat that, drwtsn32.exe is running 88 times in my processes and isnt closing or coming up with ANY messages at all.

Im running norton antivirus 2005 on my machine, ad-aware, ran full system scans on both cant find anything.

Any help would be appreciated, as well as any comments to see if anyone else has had this? and how to stop it happening again!!

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by darrynmarr1979 In reply to DrWatson running 88 times ...

just to add, ive disabled error reporting in system services, in the my computer advanced settings too, its really beginning to bug me!

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by Black Panther In reply to DrWatson running 88 times ...

Have not got an answer why but to DISABLE Dr Watson from running

Start > Run > start menu Run command, type in: drwtsn32.exe 2. Clear all check marks from Options boxes.
3. This will disable Dr. Watson from running

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by darrynmarr1979 In reply to

thanx for the info,

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by dmiles In reply to DrWatson running 88 times ...

Sounds like you have the DrWatson virus which is very difficult to remove and has lead to wiping the drive clean
The virus creates a file called C:\DRWATSON.COM and adds the line "@drwatson" to C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT. May display the message "Tracing mode has been destroyed." Please also note that Windows does have a tool called Dr Watson(DRWATSON.EXE) which is usually located in the WINDOWS directory. The virus probably uses this file name to confuse the user and make this file (C:\DRWATSON.COM) less suspicious.

Symantec instructions offer very little info as well as help to removal,make sure that you have updated virus definition files bdfeore running scan

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by darrynmarr1979 In reply to

checked for the virus, nothing there, ran norton antivirus, didnt find anythin, im just chalking it up to one of those random things, thanx for the help guys

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by darrynmarr1979 In reply to DrWatson running 88 times ...

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