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    DSL-200 Installation Error.


    by dth_row ·

    Okay, I have a Compaq computer running Windows XP – I am running service pack 2. My computer reaches all the DSL-200 driver needs(Service pack 1 or higher.) Yet, when I try to install the drivers – It comes up with an error saying:

    “There is a problem installing the drivers for your modem:

    The operating system could not install the driver properly.

    Please contact technical support for assistance”

    I ran the program to install the drivers straight from the disc – And I figured maybe it was a corrupt disc, yet, if I download the latest DSL-200 drivers from their website, the same error occurs.

    I even tried digging around for earlier versions and found Version 1 – Yet, I STILL have the same error.

    I even tried installing it in Safe-Mode, and also changing the driver signing to “Ignore – Install” – And even in safe-mode it comes up with this error. And just as a side note – Yes, every-time I tried installing, I ran a DSL-200 Driver remover, and I also went into the System/Hardware option and deleted any traces of the DSL-200 drivers.

    I seriously have NO idea what is up with this, but any help would be very much appreciated. I really don’t want to go through the hassel of having to get another modem, paying more, etc, etc. I already paid $85 for this one, and there should be no reason why it isn’t working. I went back to the place I bought it from today and all they could do was give me the D-Link support number.(Only problem is I work from 9 until 5, and they close at 5 EST.)

    Please get back to me, someone.

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      Reply To: DSL-200 Installation Error.

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to DSL-200 Installation Error.

      Many times you don’t need the Install CD for anything but the Manual on a PDF File on the CD. If you look at the Manual you should see a HTTP address to enter into a browser to gain access to the DSL Modem/Router so you can set it up with the necessary user Name & Password for the particular ISP.

      There will also be the default User Name & Password which should be changed to prevent others accessing the thing and changing settings. Whenever I run into one of these I always try to avoid the supplied software and use the HTTP access point with the Default User Name & Password to perform the initial setup.

      Honestly it’s far easier to setup this way and if foe some reason the changed User name & Password gets lost and a change needs to be made you can always use the Reset Button on the back of the unit to return it to the factory defaults.


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