DSL and VPN connection stability

By Mark2.0 ·
I have two small offices that are linked via DSL and small VPN/firewall
hardware. Both offices continue to have problems with the DSL
connection going down. As soon as the VPN devices are cycled down
and restart, the connections are restored until the next time the DSL
blinks. I have tried 3 different brands of Firewall/VPN devices but all
have the same problem. Servers at both sites run Windows Server 03.
Any suggestions as to helping the stabilization????

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by Fred123456 In reply to DSL and VPN connection st ...

I know for a fact that Verizon DSL does sort of go down and comes back up once you request data on it. Problem is that would completely wack a VPN tunnel. You might want to start with asking your DSL provider if they have any such function.

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DSL Provider

by Mark2.0 In reply to DSL

As with many companies my DSL provider has no problems
to report when I call them. I throw in the VPN configurations
and the DSL Porvider automatically states that they don't
support it, contact my administrator. It is never their
problem, or at least I can't prove it yet.

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Get a contact

by Fred123456 In reply to DSL Provider

I understand, that seems to be the case with most providers. As Sarge says below you may want to do as much as you can yourself first.

Usually if you can get in contact with a 2nd or third level support person you can get an email address for these types of questions. Its getting that initial contact info, so you can bypass the "desk" for more technically related questions.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to DSL and VPN connection st ...

do you have a dsl router in addition to this other vpn stuff? look there is my 2 cents.
get a good brand, like cisco.
i would put the all the devices on a ups
i would upgrade them to latest firmware and see if there were a 'reconnect' settting i could turn on.
i would look for phone line problems
i would log each failure to see if i could get a pattern

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by Mark2.0 In reply to cisco

I do have a DSL router that is bridged and doesn't look to
have any firewall or routing functions still activated. I have a
Netopia router suppied by the DSL provider tht I do not
particularly like, but it seems to work ok. I am using a
Juniper Netscreen router/firewall/VPN box. I have stepped
up in price each time i have upgraded. Cisco's pix boxes
have been recommeneded to me. Is that line robust enough
to handle the fickleness of the DSL?

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ok are you trying for end point VPN?

by CG IT In reply to re:cisco

multiple endpoint VPN maintained by hardware?

consumer level routers are eh on their endpoint capabilities. It works but it's reliability might be a question.

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by Choppit In reply to DSL and VPN connection st ...

I used to experience the same problem using MS PPTP but once I switched to OpenVPN the disconnects stopped. In my case the DSL connection was the root cause of the problem but MS PPTP just wasn't robust enough to recover.

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Problem solved!!

by Mark2.0 In reply to DSL and VPN connection st ...

One of the firewall devices had to be rolled back to previous
version of firmware. DSL signal had massive amounts of
interference from ISP not following my requests to provision
the signal to a non-phone system number. Not one, but
TWO simultaneous clitches will certainly bring down a
network and make it VERY difficult to isolate. Thanks to all
of the replies. They sparked my curiosity and led me to te
correct fix.

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