DSL as always connected

By sbappleg8 ·
if dsl is always connected to the internet,then why do i need a isp? i have my home page at yahoo and not at msn where my isp is.i have qwest dsl with msn isp

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by TheChas In reply to DSL as always connected

It sounds like you have at least 2 ISPs.

An ISP is your Internet Service Provider.

If your DSL comes from Quest, then Quest is your formal ISP.

If you are paying for a MSN account, you do get some benefits from that that you would not have if you closed that account.

Only you can decide if the MSN acount is worth the monthly cost.

Many people have DSL or cable internet and still pay AOL, MSN or other companies that they had used for Dial-Up in order to keep special features provided by those services.


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Not true......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Well,

I have qwest dsl too. According to qwest, they are not an ISP... ie... they don't provide an email account. They provide access to the internet is all. Along with the qwest dsl "package" when ordered, we HAD to choose an "ISP" in order to get the "deal". Most chose the free MSN for a few months. For a price, you could pay qwest to be your ISP as well, which made no sense. Other DSL providers give you both the access to the internet AND the ISP services (an email account, maybe web space.. who knows what else).

I've never signed up with or paid for the MSN "ISP" and in fact dropped it after the free period offered through qwest. I didn't need it, having an email account elsewhere. However, many people were fooled into believing they actually needed it.

Personally, I think it's a crock of bull. Qwest HAS to be breaking some FCC rules or something somewhere. Some people, like me, have no choice as to which DSL provider we go with.

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