DSL/Broadband router sharing issue

By JamesRL ·
I have an XP computer (all the latest updates) on a DSL connection. I have two users setup on the computer, one (me) with admin priveleges and one (wife and kids) without.

I recently bought a Motorola Broadband router with wireless access so I can use my work laptop, have a HW firewall and perhaps add another computer to the home net.

As the admin user it works just fine. But when the other user logs on - they can't get to the internet. When I take the router out - no probs.

Any brilliant ideas? I have scoured the manual, no luck. I have looked over every setting on the router, every setting on the network config and nothing jumps out at me.

I emailled Motorola tech support -abysmal(contact your computer manufacturer).

Any assistance apreciated. I'm not a networking dummy (have configured Cisco ISDN modems, other broadband routers). Maybe I am overlooking something obvious.


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shouldn't be an issue

by CG IT In reply to DSL/Broadband router shar ...

you shouldn't have an issue as the type of user accounts should not affect internet access unless you have specifically set up the comps to deny access based on user.

If the Motorola router is this much of a problem, I'd send it back and get a Netgear/Linksys/D-Link.

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You'd think

by JamesRL In reply to shouldn't be an issue

If I had access denied by user, they wouldn't be able to access when I take the router out.

I'm thinking of getting a netgear....


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by dawgit In reply to You'd think

I use the Netgear set-up and have no problems, none. I had thought of trying the D-Link, but they got into trouble over here. They're still here, but it did damage their reputation. Still, I think it's a good company over all. (But, we're watching)
I think the problem is in your router, what happens when you access it through your browser? Is the XP Desk-top admin the Admin for the router also? In the Router's control Web Page you might have allow users as well as machines. (?)

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Router admin setup

by JamesRL In reply to Netgear

The router admin setup has a unique ID and password and is accessed via IE. I found lots of areas where I could restrict access based on MAC address or other factors. I could even set up parental controls (I did not).

I haven't tried to log on from the non-admin user desktop, its a reasonable test, but it should work.


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Return for Refund

by CG IT In reply to Router admin setup

Seriously, you shouldn't have this much trouble with a consumer level router. Netgear routers are very easy to setup and robuts. I've personally used Linksys stuff and again very easy to use and robust.

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Could you have overlooked

by curlergirl In reply to DSL/Broadband router shar ...

Windows Firewall or other software firewall? Have you made sure it's either (a) turned off, or (b) properly configured to allow network traffic, for the new users? I can't remember if Windows Firewall settings are per user, but it's something to check. Or if you're using some other software firewall, those settings also might be per user.

Hope this helps!

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As per the instructions

by JamesRL In reply to Could you have overlooked

I turned it off to run the config tool, but turned it on afterwards. Its running for both the admin user and the other user - no difference in settings there.


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This is really basic....

by oldbag In reply to DSL/Broadband router shar ...

but did you reset Internet settings on the non-admin user account?

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Windows Firewall

by stilmas In reply to This is really basic....

Try shutting off the firewall completely and disabling the service. You don't need it if you have a HW firewall, it will only cause you headaches.

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