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    DSL drop frequent


    by st5660 ·

    Recently my DSL modem line drop while connecting,and I cant connect it back. I try switch off my DSL modem and the result same (cant connect). Lastly i try shut down my PC and DSL line can connect back. I try few times also same, I wish to find out from guru-guru is this coz by my line or my system. I already checked with the ISP they said that their line is OK.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      you keeping windows patched? you have a firewall? you have current anti-virus? if no to these, my guess is you are losing your internet connection after a few minutes on line because you have spyware. take it to a pc shop or your isp to clean off. if you want to try it yourself, i suggest you purchase norton internet security and follow the instructions to clean your system before you install the product.

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      by master3bs ·

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      This could be a number of things. I used to do Tier2 support for DSL though and found the most likely cause for this is loss of sync.

      Unfortunately you will often get techs on the line that don’t want to troubleshoot or don’t really know how to. If the only resolution you got was that your line is ok, they didn’t do much.

      (Also, if they did not have you unplug everything from your phone lines except the DSL modem, they did not check your line completely.)

      You should have a sync light of some kind on your modem. It could say sync or internet or any number of things. Check and see if it is blinking when you cannot get online. If so; something is causing interferance with your DSL. There is a long list of what this could be.

      Most common causes:
      1. A phone, answering machine, fax, etc is plugged into a phone line but does not have a DSL filter on it.

      2. Your DSL modem is plugged into the supplied DSL filter but does not share the filter with another phone device. (The DSL only has to be filtered if anothe phone device is sharing the same jack; otherwise plug it in directly.)

      3. Something electrical (or wireless) near the modem is causing interferance. Move anything that runs electricity as far away as possible. Move Cordless phone bases a minimum of 15 feet away.

      There are more things to check for sync; and other things that could keep you from connecting. If this doesn’t work; comment with your DSL modem, DSL provider, and ip address and we’ll go from there.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      Both the above answers cover the computer side of loss of sync but there is another possibility which thought not overly likely can be the cause of the problem. I ran into this one recently it was the line from the house/business itself which had become noisy and was preventing the Modem connecting at all. This happened after a thunder storm where water got into the Telco’s connection box and caused the problem. Connect a phone to that particular line and listen for any noise on it if there is a loud hissing you need to get in contact with your Telco to fix the problem.

      But I would first be scanning the computer with every AV and spy ware tool that you have available and do this in Safe Mode where the problems are less likely to be running.


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        by hal 9000 ·

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        Also instead of shutting down the computer can the Modem reconnect if you disconect it from the running computer?

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